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Still trying to figure out what to dedicate this blog to. I feel that reposting/blogging about random things seems a little too messy and unorganized.

Put your make up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do you like you?

Much to what people criticize on this video based on their feminist opinions, I believe it’s trying to send a message on how the the media and social norms are so impressionable on women.

We all interpret music videos differently, so this may seem as an “attack” to some women who think, “what exactly am I giving away?” in response to the lyrics “don’t give it all away”. My own personal opinion on this music video, whether you agree or disagree, is that at the end of the day I should love myself for who I am. When I look in the mirror with or without make up, am I happy with myself? If I’m putting make up on, I’m not doing it to impress or ‘wow’ my boyfriend, friends or family. No, I’m doing it for myself; because I want to…and also I don’t want to look too dead tired after pulling an all nighter to finish assignments. Down to the facts, this song and video is meant to empower women which some take to heart while others ignore. 

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+ 2D better than 3D?

Sometimes I wonder what a fujoshi lifestyle would be like and if its worth starting getting into….

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❝You can’t get married until you’re 100 lbs.❞
- My mom -
I'm not loved because I'm skinny
Mom:Your boyfriend and his family will stop loving you because you're too skinny
Mom:You're so skinny, you look sick. Your boyfriend will break up with you because of that
- calls up boyfriend to ask -

Free! season 2 PV

O M G (o//A//o)

Free! season 2 PV

O M G (o//A//o)

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The conversation we just had about jobs…was not at all insightful or motivational. Way to make me dislike my work even more -thumbs up ensued with sarcasm- 

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+ How I was looking forward to TGIF until…

I thought today was Wednesday, so I was thinking how I worked 2/4 days and tomorrow would make it 3/4. I was so psyched that I was almost done work until I realized tomorrow was the 2nd day of the 4 days I have to work .____. #embarassing

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Why is it that when I’m at my lowest you’re nowhere to comfort me? Rather games are prioritized while I’m casted to the side…well, it feels like that at least

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